FNB Smart

FNB Smart wanted to empower employees to not only sell their products, but also to communicate all the details of a Smart account effectively so that customers do not close their accounts after a few months. There are some things you should say, like everything your customer needs to know about their Smart account. But some things, you simply shouldn’t say… This campaign is tongue-in-cheek as it plays on those foot-in-mouth moments when you know you rather should’ve kept your mouth shut. The entire campaign was developed to support and empower FNB employees to sell the correct product and to pass on their knowledge to the client. The elements that were developed included a decision-making tree, a client handout (in both Afrikaans and English), a manager’s communication guide, a deskdrop reminder and an acknowledgement notepad. A fun and “smart” way to communicate the necessary information without it becoming a drag.